Section #: 1803
Class #: K7-109
Class Time: Monday-Thursday
            9:35am - 12:10pm
            1st 8 weeks of the semester
            09/02/2014 – 10/24/2014
Textbook(not required):
Elementary & Intermediate Algebra
Concepts & Applications, Fifth edition. by Bittinger
Elementary & Intermediate Algebra Concepts & Applications for
East Los Angeles College, Third edition by Bittinger


For my class you will need to have a Math XL account.
If you buy the book from the bookstore, make sure that it is
bundled  with the Math XL access code and
NOT My Math Lab.


If you choose not to buy the book with the required access
code, you can purchase the access code at
By purchasing the access code online, you will have access to an
ebook version of the textbook.

To Register to MathXL, you will need the following:

 MathXL registration assistance

Students will be dropped if MathXL is not purchased by
ednesday,September 3, 2014
Math 125
Intermediate Algebra
Fall 14